vendredi 29 octobre 2010

Brussels Tattoo Convention - English Version

As I promised it to you, here is THE article of the week! Yes, at the end of the week... Whatever!
For you, Ive met one of the organizers of THE event of november in Brussels: the first International Brussels Tattoo Convention. Kim, a huge tattoo lover, organize his first event together with the IBTC Crew about tattoo but surrounded with a huge band of tattoists friends, he prepared us a lot of surprises, live acts, shows, live bands, art expositions … for a crazy week-end!

Brussels never has its real international tattoo convention which is now over thanks to The IBTC CREW! He invites some of the biggest names from the international tattoo’s world in the Belgian capital. With Migoii Vietcongz (from Vietnam), the team of Buena Vista Tattoo Club (from Germany), Yann Black (from Montréal) & Todd Noble (from USA), it will have about 150 tattooists present on the event.

And no way to keep on mind all the cliché about the tattoos only for the bikers or bad boys. Nowadays, the tattoo is an art which is drawing on your skin. First of all, it’s the artistic side which will be on the spotlight of the event. You will discover the artistic world of the famous tattooists  and you could even be tattooed there. But before, I advice you to contact directly your favorite tattooist or Kim to fix an appointment.

To bring beautiful people aroung this event, Kim invites not less than 7 bands who will play in live in a 50’s and funny ambiance. Delicious ladies will bring you in their burlesque’s world with a sexy show! They won’t be the only ones to raise the temperature in Tour & Taxi since the Suicide Girls is preparing you a fashion show around the lingerie collection of Bad’Oh. Pinstripping, exhibitions and tattoo’s contest take part of the event’s program.

Of course, the skINKED’s team will be present of the event to take few pictures of your most beautiful tattoos ! So spread the word and come on!

The complete list of the artist present and the convention’s program on the official website.

“International Brussels Tattoo Convention”, from the 13th to 14th November 2010 in Tour & Taxi.

Also check out the live 1,5 hour Tattoo session on Jim tv at 9 november on the FUZZ SHOW hosted by Sean De Hondt from Nailpin!

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